Shining a light on a corrupt system

I hear some people say that medicare for all can’t happen as it would require tax increases and the average person wouldn’t be for that idea. Do me a favor. Look at your latest paycheck and see what you have paid in health insurance. Insurance which, by the way, may or may not cover you according to if you met the insurance companies ” criteria”. Now imagine no part of your check was deducted for health insurance. Are you feeling better about the idea of a tax raise?

In no other venue would we be ok with paying for something and potentially not getting it. Imagine going to the grocery, filling your cart, settling up with the cashier. Then she says ” let me call my manager over here to see if you can take this food home.”

I know people are afraid of change, but sometimes it takes a big move to see big change for the better

One thought on “Shining a light on a corrupt system

  1. Absolutely, we could have a better system (of everything for that matter) with more social democracy. But as soon as you mention that people begin screaming—socialism! Those of us who can think for ourselves realize that nothing is free, but I would rather have a system that works more for the people and not just billionaires!

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