Are we really going to let our fear keep us with the “status quo”? Don’t we owe it to ourselves and our brothers and children to build a stronger more compassionate health care system? One where a catastrophic illness will not bankrupt us? One where we don’t put our livelihood in the hands of corporate giants? We DESERVE this!!!

One thought on “#medicareforall

  1. It is not going to be easy, there are a lot of complex issues with health care to be sure. I get seriously aggravated by pundits and talking heads constantly asking; “who is going to pay for “Medicare for all”. We currently pay money into a corporate gazillionaire fund–insurance. Why can’t we pay into an administrated fund publicly run(it is no different than insurance) and reduce all the exorbitant, non-transparent costs?

    We could do this a little at a time to reduce the shock to people who live in fear of losing their current coverage and slowly build a cost-effective program that would work better for most. Good posts.
    p.s. Thank you for reading my posts


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