When I say #medicareforall I in no way mean to imply that medicare as it stands now is a perfect system. Maybe I really mean #healthcareforall. Healthcare where you aren’t saddled with a bill of $147.00/ day for skilled nursing care as medicare only pays 80% of the bill after 20 days. Healthcare where seniors don’t have to get supplemental insurance for things medicare doesn’t cover. Healthcare where diagnostic tests don’t cost twice as much because hospitals know insurance will only pay a fraction of the cost. I am tired of hearing how we can’t afford healthcare for all. Let’s start talking about how we CAN afford it. Imagine if all managed care organization salaries nationwide were nonexistent. Imagine not having to worry if insurance was going to cover the surgery that could improve your standard of living. Imagine that the only people involved in your healthcare are the people doing that job because that is their passion.

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