single payer vs. two tier

I’ve been pondering a few hiccups in the single payer healthcare system- the first being MD salaries and that if they significantly decreased, would as many people go into that profession? Of course that could also be seen as a positive, as then only people passionate about the work would enter that profession. The second hiccup is in the area of medical research- would as much money be allocated for needed research if corporations were not involved.

This has caused me to investigate the healthcare system in Ireland-where there is a public health option funded by the government as well as a private health care service. 100% of residents have state coverage, while roughly 40% have chosen private insurance. Most GP’s are technically part of the private system, which is why they charge a fee. If individuals with a higher income want to buy more generous coverage- they should be allowed to- but not with government subsidized dollars. The United States needs to define a universally accepted minimum that all citizens should receive . If individuals choose to purchase above that minimum, the government should not subsidize these purchases.

One thought on “single payer vs. two tier

  1. I have pondered this very thing, why can’t we have two options? One, publicly funded (similar to Germany or Scandinavia), and a option for the wealthy where they can buy what ever kind of coverage that they want. There was talk of a public option (although never really defined), but it was completely brushed aside. Obama had the Congress that was needed to put something similar to or better than ” Medicare for All” but we ended up with this disaster we currently have.

    When you look at Canada, their top physicians earn around $400,000, is that not enough money to live on? Really? It is purely a symptom of greed in most of this medical disaster that we have in the United States. The old adage is that if you love your job/career enough, you would do it for free. In reality, no one expects that but it would sure be nice if we could reign it in within reason! Nice job!


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