How much do you know about your health insurance

I can’t help but feel the general public would be more up in arms over the current state of healthcare if they knew jobs like mine existed. Most people probably sign up for health insurance through their employer thinking that means if they need to go to a hospital they are covered. NOT TRUE!!! Health insurance plans hire staff to pour over medical records and give a synopsis of what is going on medically to the insurance MD, who, applying criteria ( we don’t all fit into a box), decides if your hospital visit is warranted. And they play by their own rules. If someone ” meets” said criteria, the physician of the MCO, at his discretion, can still decide not to approve a full admission. WHAT!!! We need to take the power of our health out of the hands of people who are not looking out for our best interest. I think a generalized agreement on basic health care ( which should be a right) needs to be obtained and all citizens should be covered. Those that so desire ( and can afford) private insurance should have that right.

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