two-tier healthcare

Why don’t we take our example from Australia or Ireland where they have a two-tier healthcare system. The government provides basic care and if people so choose and can afford, private health insurance is an option. This sounds a lot like our current medicaid system to me. I’ve paid into everyone’s healthcare lots over the years, and I wouldn’t mind reaping the benefits. Now is our turn to be ” everyone.”


When I say #medicareforall I in no way mean to imply that medicare as it stands now is a perfect system. Maybe I really mean #healthcareforall. Healthcare where you aren’t saddled with a bill of $147.00/ day for skilled nursing care as medicare only pays 80% of the bill after 20 days. Healthcare where seniors don’t have to get supplemental insurance for things medicare doesn’t cover. Healthcare where diagnostic tests don’t cost twice as much because hospitals know insurance will only pay a fraction of the cost. I am tired of hearing how we can’t afford healthcare for all. Let’s start talking about how we CAN afford it. Imagine if all managed care organization salaries nationwide were nonexistent. Imagine not having to worry if insurance was going to cover the surgery that could improve your standard of living. Imagine that the only people involved in your healthcare are the people doing that job because that is their passion.


People talk a lot about death with Dignity. How about life with dignity? Not being scared to go to the doctor because a medical problem may be found that you can’t afford?? Actually caring for one another. None of us are getting out of here alive. I know thinking about our own mortality is uncomfortable for some. But wouldn’t it be nice to have the financial burden eased so each of us could become the best versions of ourselves?


Are we really going to let our fear keep us with the “status quo”? Don’t we owe it to ourselves and our brothers and children to build a stronger more compassionate health care system? One where a catastrophic illness will not bankrupt us? One where we don’t put our livelihood in the hands of corporate giants? We DESERVE this!!!

Shining a light on a corrupt system

I hear some people say that medicare for all can’t happen as it would require tax increases and the average person wouldn’t be for that idea. Do me a favor. Look at your latest paycheck and see what you have paid in health insurance. Insurance which, by the way, may or may not cover you according to if you met the insurance companies ” criteria”. Now imagine no part of your check was deducted for health insurance. Are you feeling better about the idea of a tax raise?

In no other venue would we be ok with paying for something and potentially not getting it. Imagine going to the grocery, filling your cart, settling up with the cashier. Then she says ” let me call my manager over here to see if you can take this food home.”

I know people are afraid of change, but sometimes it takes a big move to see big change for the better

What healthcare for the very, very rich looks like

compassionate healthcare is a right and not a privilege

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portrait-of-dr-gachet Portrait of Dr. Gachet, one of the most revered paintings by Vincent van Gogh


I am sitting down the dinner table from a wealthy man when I hear him describing a term I have never heard before: concierge medicine. “$1,200 a month,” he explains, “and worth every penny. If I get sick on a holiday or a Sunday, my doctor answers his phone. Same-day appointments, prescriptions filled in an hour, no waiting for a nurse to call you back.”

Looking up and down the table, I expect surprise, some pushback, but nobody balks, so I go back to picking at my salad, calculating the value of $14,000 a year before taxes. Then I picture myself calling Dr. Lu or Dr. Charlene at home on Christmas morning. It’s me, my throat hurts, are you busy?

Money might not buy happiness, but for the wealthy it buys … and I feel I…

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I just don’t get it

In my state of Kentucky medicaid exchange recipients do not have skilled health care benefits. This is one of the most marginalized segments of our society. Subacute care is not a covered benefit but acute rehab is? Seriously?There would seem to be a huge cost advantage to making subacute care available to this population